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Welcome to Mary's Fund Foundation!

Mary's Fund was established in 2003 by our foundress, Bernadette Gietka, who passed away in 2014. We hope to continue the good works that the foundation was originally established to promote. Our President is Catherine Gietka (Bernadette's mother pictured above) and the Treasurer is Jerry Gietka (brother). Since our founding, we have issued grants of over $900,000 in total over the years.

Grant requests to MFF:

1. Should not exceed $10,000 for any single fiscal year.

2. Must include a description of how the grant will be spent.

3. Must be requested in writing and sent to [email protected] .

Most grants are not awarded until towards the end of the fiscal year.

We pray to Mary, the mother of God, for help in both our spiritual and material needs.

We pray not for great wealth or untoward prosperity,

but rather for help in getting through our daily lives.

Loving Mother, we your children, plead with you to obtain the financial help

we so desperately need in our present situation. We thank you dear Mother,

and promise to help others when and as we are able. Amen